06 June 2008

National Stationery Show!

It's been a while since our last post. We are back at it again. Since last time Night Owl's partners Alan & Jennifer have both quit their full-time jobs to focus on Night Owl Paper Goods. They've also hired Night Owl's first employee Brittany.

It was crazy to get ready for the National Stationery Show May 18-21. Not only did we spend two weeks printing non stop but we also built a booth and shipped it, processed orders, tried to stay on top of inventory, and sent out a direct mail piece to over 1800 stores! The new line makes us so proud! I thought we would share some pics of us gearing up for all the craziness around the studio!

This was our direct mail piece. Alan hand wrote the note then letter pressed it in the studio. Jennifer had the idea to die cut wooden circles. All of the wood disks were cut from recycled wooden postcards or wooden cards that we set aside due to wrong ink
coloring, blemishes on the wood, or scratches.

I laid out all of the letterpressed cards in order to apply lots of wooden disks at one time. Look at what happened after I did that! Wrapping paper anyone?

Alan's Mom made this sign for us to display in the booth at NSS. We used Chocolate Burlap and chunky creme yarn. His mom traced the logo from a computer print out onto the burlap and then hand-stitched it.

Show madness:

The booth is finally finished! Time to start selling.


Anonymous said...

The two of you did such a great job preparing for the show, with your advance promotion and then "building" your booth. It was gorgeous! I love that you blogged about it to share your enthusiasm; it's contagious! As the manager of NSS, I am delighted that you were among our esteemed design-driven young companies. I'll bet your innovation, determination and hard work will pay off in meaningful business opportunities. Have a wonderful summer and best of luck to you,

Patti Stracher

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